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Alpha Delta Leadership

    The administrative and executive functions of the chapter are delegated to six officers known collectively as the Executive Council. Their titles are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Alumni Secretary, and Herald. The Executive Council works to insure the smooth and effective operation of the chapter. The Council’s duties are summarized as follows: to establish policies, to plan activities, to solve problems, to govern the chapter, and to enforce the rules and regulations the chapter, the Grand Chapter, and the university have adopted. In addition to the Executive Council, duties are also delegated to committees within the chapter.

2022 Executive Officers


Matt Jones
Matt was born in Reading, Pennsylvania. As an initiate of the 2019 Fall Pledge Class, he has spent the previous two years holding distinguished positions within the fraternity. Last year, he served as our Treasurer and dedicated his time and effort within Auburn's Student Investment Fund as well as Auburn's Business Engineerting Program (BET). Matt is pursuing a Finance degree, with career plans that are focused towards financial technology within both investment banking and private equity.

Vice President

William Alexander
Will is an initiate of Sigma Pi's Fall 2019 Pledge Class. He was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, and has been serving our fraternity for the previous two years, with his most recent position as the Secretary. He is pursuing a Civil Engineering degree, with plans to work as a transportation engineer post-graduation. On campus, Will is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE).


Campbell Huber
Campbell, who resides in Atlanta, Georgia, is a member of the Fall 2019 Pledge Class. He is currently pursuing a Finance degree, and has kept himself busy with Summer internships during his Auburn tenure. Within the Fraternity, Campbell has assisted various committee heads with their obligations in regards to the brotherhood, solidifying his perspective on the importance of communal responsibility. Post graduation, he plans to work in financial planning and wealth management.


Thomas Schweitzer
Thomas hails from Tampa Bay, Florida. As a Sophomore, he has quickly established his voice within Sigma Pi. Simultaneously, Thomas has been pursuing a Finance degree, with an enhanced passion towards the operational nature of a business. Oustide of campus, he has spent the previous three summers working in youth development through outdoor activities. Thomas has a drive to serve in leadership roles, and after he graduates, he hopes to start his own business.

Alumni Secretary

Devan Sonderman
Devan is currently a junior pursuing a Finance degree. He enrolled at Auburn after living most of his life in Marietta, Georgia. During his tenure as a Sigma Pi brother, Devan has taken upon many roles in the realm of benefitting the brotherhood, which has shaped him within the Auburn community. Beyond Auburn, Devan has hopes of starting his own business in the field of finance-driven technology.


Jack Young
Jack is from Dallas, Texas, and he was initiated in the Fall of 2020. After joining Sigma Pi, he has served on several committee positions within the fraternity. On campus, he is an active member of both the Honors College and Auburn's Honors Research Seminar. Jack is pursuing a Computer Science degree, and he plans to work in the field of Software Development and Artificial Intelligence after graduation.

2022 Committee Chairmen


Drew Johnston
Drew has been heavily involved within the Fraternity as well as on campus during his time at Auburn. He serves as the coordinator of alumni, marketing, and public relations for Camp Kesem, a volunteer group that provides guidance for children whose parents' were diagnosed with cancer. Drew is majoring in Biomedical Science, with the hopes of attending medical school.

Community Service

Juan Luis Contreras
Juan is from Birmingham, Alabama, and after joining Sigma Pi in the Fall of 2021, he has established quite the resume. He is pursuing a Biomedical Science degree and a Spanish minor. He is currently the Head Counselor for the Honors College Week of Service, the Outreach Coordinator for Camp Kesem, a research assistant, and is a member of Senior Pals and SGA's Lobby Board.


Matt Rye
Matt was born and raised in Pelham, Alabama. He is currently a junior at Auburn, and at 21 years old, he has proved to be the embodiment of a leader. Within our fraternity, he previously served as the Risk Manager, and he held a position on various committees. On campus, Matt is the Explore Day Coordinator for Emerge at Auburn and a Study Partners Peer Tutor. He is majoring in Supply Chain Management, and has plans to work in either the logistics or transportation field as a data analyst.


Matt Heibel
Matt is a Sophomore from Alpharetta, Georgia. In his life, he has always valued the importance of family, education, and brotherhood. As a Sigma Pi brother, Matt has set a foundation for past brothers as well as future brothers. Whether he is in the clasroom or serving within the fraternity, Matt gives maximum effort. He is majoring in Building Science, and he hopes to be a project manager in the future.


Coale Barr
Coale is from Dallas, Texas. He is currently pursuing a Business Agriculture degree, and he hopes to work in sales after he graduates. For the previous year, Coale has made a significant difference within the Fraternity on the importance of religion. He has worked tirelessly to show the impact of the Lord within the brotherhood. On campus, he is an active member of Auburn Community Church.

House Manager

Grant Pallo
Grant is from North Carolina, and is a member of the newest pledge class of Sigma Pi. On campus, Grant often devotes his time to nearby community groups, volunteering at local Auburn sites to improve health and nature. He is a Pre-Business major, with a focus on administration. In the future, he plans to develop and lead Auburn's Real Estate Society and Executive Society.

Social Media

Egan Shankleton
Egan hails from Cleveland, Ohio, and was initiated in the Fall of 2019. In the time that has followed, he has done everything in his power to impact others. On campus, Egan is a part of Active Minds Auburn, a mental health group that heavily focuses on destigmatizing mental health as a whole. He is a host on the student-ran WEGL radio station, which lead him to run a sports show. Post-graduation, Egan aspires to work as an actuary.

Risk Manager

Hunter Champion
Hunter was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, and was initiated in the Fall of 2019. On campus, Hunter has played a key role within Auburn's Campus Kitchen Project, a volunteer group that focuses on battling student hunger. He is pursuing a Finance degree with plans of entering the financial services industry after graduation.


Colton Bishop
Colton was born and raised in Winter Park, Florida. After enrolling at Auburn, he gained an unrelenting passion to the community around him. He is currently pursuing an Agricultural Business and Economics degree. His passion for his education led to the dedication of his efforts towards numerous student clubs pertaining to his major. After college, he hopes to work within the field of Agricultural Real Estate.


Carson Yates
Carson hails from the great state of Kentucky, and is a part of the newest pledge class of Sigma Pi. During his tenure at Auburn, he has made an extremely positive impact on both the brotherhood and on campus. This year, he will be entering multiple clubs and organizations pertaining to his major. He is pursuing a Pre-Vet degree, and has plans to be a veterinarian in an area where animals need the most assistance.

Parent's Club

Conor Coxwell
Conor is from Greensboro, North Carolina, and he is a member of the Fall 2020 Pledge Class of Sigma Pi. Ever since his enrollment at Auburn, Conor made it a goal of his to make an impact both within the fraternity and on campus. Last year, he was a member of the Parent's Club committee, exemplifying the importance of experience. On campus, Conor is currently a communications intern at the Auburn Athletic Department. He is pursuing a Business Management degree, and he hopes to work in the field of Sports Management post-graduation.


Trevor Warren
Trevor was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. After deciding he wanted to go to Auburn, he was certain he wanted to pursue a Pre-Vet degree, with the plan to be a veterinarian. He was an initiate of the Fall Pledge Class of 2020, and he has served in various committee positions within Sigma Pi. On campus, he is a member of the Honors College, and you may find him on the grasslands, spending time with the Block and Bridle Club.