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Summer/Fall Recruitment

As the Spring semester comes to an end, we are nearing the beginning of the Summer Recruitment process. Starting on May 14th, Sigma Pi will be holding rush events for the entire duration of the summer. During these events, rushees will be able to meet the brotherhood, get a tour of our house, and have fun with all of the brothers. The Summer Recruitment Signup will officially be open on May 1st, 2022, so be sure to sign up for Rush on IFC's website. If you are interested in rushing Sigma Pi, or have any questions regarding recruitment, contact our Rush Chairman Jack Young.

(469) 400-9692
960 W Magnolia Avenue, Auburn, AL 36832

Why Join Sigma Pi?

If you are looking to take full advantage of your time at Auburn University, then you may want to consider joining the Greek system, especially Sigma Pi. Joining a fraternity is a very big decision that will affect someone for the rest of their lives. Becoming a part of Sigma Pi automatically gives you the distinction of being different and gives you the chance to take advantage of the many benefits that Sigma Pi offers.

One of the greatest advantages of the fraternity system is the encouragement to strive for scholastic achievement amongst members. The average GPA of fraternity men has long been better than that of non-Greek men at Auburn University. Sigma Pi encourages members to get good grades, and has a GPA requirement in order to be an active member of the fraternity. This past year, our fraternity was ranked at number 5 amongst all of Auburn's fraternities. We pride ourselves on both time management and commitment, from which our brothers can strive to acheive academic success.

Membership in Sigma Pi offers students many opportunities to develop their leadership potential. Everyone in the fraternity is a leader, whether you’re an officer, a committee head, or just a participant. You will learn by doing. You can learn how to manage a budget, run effective meetings, speak in public, and motivate others. Brothers have the opportunity to take on the responsibilities of running the chapter by chairing a number of committees or holding major offices.

We are a social organization, so one of our greatest benefits is our social calendar. Being a part of Sigma Pi gives you a chance to meet many new people, as many of our social events are with other sororities and fraternities. After meeting new people, Auburn’s campus won’t seem quite so big. We also host a large number of parties including date parties, formals, and theme parties.

The concerns of a Greek man extend far beyond the confines of campus life. Community service and philanthropic activities are integral components of Sigma Pi at Auburn University. Our fraternity sponsors a multitude of activities each year to earn money and donate time to individual philanthropies. The spirit of reaching out to help others in the community unites us and helps build moral character through the realization of the needs of people less fortunate.

Brotherhood is the foundation of the fraternity experience. Every man contributes to this aspect. Brotherhood combines the concept of individualism within the framework of mutual cooperation. As a brother of Sigma Pi, you will form friendships unlike any found in other organizations. Brotherhood is not conformity, as no fraternity is made up of members who are exactly alike. By choosing to become a member of this fraternity, you will meet brothers who will grow to become your closest friends.

Each event will be held Friday-Saturday
If you're in Auburn and no event is scheduled,
still feel free to stop by and see us!
For any Questions at all about Sigma Pi,
and our rush events call Jack Young at (469) 400-9692

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